Faculty of Engineering and Technology- TVU held its first Student Robocon competition of the year 2011


In order to help students of TVU learn, practice, and enhance their creativity in applied technical science and to develop resources for “The Annual Vietnam Robocon Competition”, Faculty of Engineering and Technology held its first Student Robocon Competition of the year 2011 with the theme “Building Khmer pagoda tower architecture in Tra Vinh province” on September 10th, 2011 at Campus IV of TVU. The competition organizing board solemnly welcomed Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh- Rector of TVU and Heads of related Offices, Faculties and representatives from sponsor company – NaNo Science Equipment Corporation.

There were 10 teams joining in the competition. Each team had 04 members, students of the teams mainly majoring in Electrical Engineering – Telecommunications, Information Technology, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. According to the candidates, in order to complete one automatic Robot and one manual control function effectively, they had to master, apply flexibly and combine smoothly the knowledge of electricity, electronics, programming and control engineering in a reasonable manner.

Finally, the organizer awarded four teams in which team TV07 won the first prize, team DA08DTA1 won the second prize, BT-2N won the third prize and one encouraging prize was given to Dream’s boys team.

According to Van Quoc Kiet, Head of the Student Robocon Competition of Tra Vinh University, the competition was very close attention of  the Rector board, Departments and Boards in Tra Vinh province, the sponsor of companies such as CMC System Integration company, Minh Tuong company, Tra Vinh Food company, NaNo Science Equipment company. The competition was sucessful with the enthusiastic participation of students and the teaching staff in the faculty.

The competition made the teaching staff confident in their students who are active, creative, able to change their studying method, able to apply knowledge flexibly in particular circumstances, and meet the practical requirements of   human resource.

Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, Rector of TVU said that “The competition is one of the activities promoting movement of studying, scientific research, self-studying skills, self- research and creativity in students’ future job”. The Rector also hopes that all students can participate not only in this competition enthusiastically but also in other scientific activities, in other professional competitions such as Informatics Olympics, Microsoft Office Champion.

After the competition, Faculty of Engineering and Technology will form a specialized team guided by lecturers of the Faculty in order to participate in Viet Nam Robocon competition.

                                                                                                               Written by Duong Ngoc Van Khanh