Following TVU volunteers in the epidemic prevention


Regardless of daytime or nighttime, and sunny or rainy weather, the volunteers of Tra Vinh University (TVU) in collaboration with the local medical staff enthusiastically support many activities for epidemic prevention in Tra Vinh province.

In particular, during the past period of time, TVU volunteers have helped to input the Covid-19 vaccination information into the Covid-19 vaccination system.

Ms. Pham Le Phuong Thao, a member of the Executive Committee of the Youth Union, Vice President of the Student Union, said that “In the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tra Vinh University has called for the volunteering participation of hundreds of students in different places in order to control and prevent the Covid-19 pandemic in Tra Vinh province.”.

In order to unitedly prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, Tra Vinh University has mobilized hundreds of students to participate in activities for epidemic prevention. Students’ contributions are mainly related to sampling for rapid tests, supporting the vaccination work, inputting the vaccination information, and being on duty for medical check-ups.

Cute nicknames

Although it is impossible for volunteers to recognize one another in such hot weather because of discreet protective suits, there are still happy smiles on their eyes’ corners with the determination of preventing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Volunteers give one another super-cute nicknames such as “Miss Brown Bee” for Le Dang Phong, a student of 2020 Information Technology Class of A, “Miss Biscuit” for Vo Thi Truc Phuong, a student of 2020 Nursing Class of B, or “The Saint of Information Input” for Nguyen Minh Man, a student of 2019 Preventive Medicine course.

The strength of will over tiredness

It is easy to recognize the fatigue on the youthful faces of TVU volunteers after many consecutive days with very early work and even without naps.

The timely support of young students has been perceived as honorable hearts which are always sided by side with local people during the epidemic prevention. Although students coming from many places major in various areas with different academic years, they share the same noble behavior of volunteering for the community.

Difficulties are unable to make volunteers give up their will. They share the same ideal as well as the same goal of winning the pandemic as soon as possible.

 “Although my major is not related to the medical industry, I still volunteer in epidemic prevention. In addition to medical work, there are many other activities for me to participate in with meaningful contributions.”, Le Dang Phong, a second-year student majoring in Information Technology shared.

 “We are also willing to participate in volunteering activities in the evening. We are motivated by encouragement as well as energy through cups of noodles, sweet cakes, glasses of sugar tea, or glasses of sweet soup from our teachers and friends.”, Dang Phong said.

Not only nurses, doctors, police officers, soldiers in the frontline but also local people wholeheartedly fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Words and nods of thanks significantly relieve volunteers’ fatigue. Volunteers’ biggest happiness is to see the happy smiles of local people.

Huynh Thi Anh Thu, a student of 2017 Medical Laboratory Class, a volunteer at Co Chien medical check-up of Cang Long district, expressed that “Bottles of water, cakes, or lunch boxes from sponsors have significantly motivated us in our volunteering. Despite of tiredness, we regard volunteering in epidemic prevention as our responsibility.

Regarding Nguyen Minh Man, “The Saint of Information Input”, a student of the 2019 Preventive Medicine course, he is mainly responsible for inputting the vaccination information into the Covid-19 vaccination system.

He shared that “In my opinion, I am very happy to be assigned any work for meaningful contributions to the Covid-19 pandemic prevention.”.

Nguyen Thi Hong Nhi, a student of 2019 Medical Class of A, expressed that “My major volunteering work is to take local people’s samples for testing. Thanks to my volunteering, I can learn a lot of knowledge and experience which are useful for my future studies.

In addition, Hong Nhi shared that “Volunteering during many consecutive days has sometimes made me tired. However, my teammates and I think that we have to try our best to dedicate our limited effort to local people’s health.”.

Volunteers’ optimism, dynamism, and friendliness importantly promote the faith and strength for the Covid-19 pandemic prevention of Tra Vinh province.

Volunteering in epidemic prevention makes volunteers’ youth more meaningful. Especially, it helps them become more mature and stronger TVU students who will not be afraid of difficulties. Importantly, they will know how to appreciate the value of life as well as to live a meaningful life with significant dedication rather than self-receiving.

Thu Nguyet