Giving fund to a child going through a difficult time


TVU – On April 16, through the program “Hanh trinh nhan ai” (The Compassion Journey) 2022, TVU Communication Club and TVU Social Media Club visited and offered a subscription of 8,101,000 VND to a child named Pham Trong Hieu, living at Sub-village 4, My Long Townlet, Cau Ngang District, Tra Vinh Province.

Six-year-old boy Pham Trong Hieu, son of Pham Tran Phung, has been suffering from poorly differentiated Neuroblastoma for years. Recently, his health has rapidly deteriorated.

Hieu’s grandmother, Mrs. Tran Thi Phuong said that Hieu went through chemotherapy once and there are 3 times left before the surgery. His family has always been trying their best to find a cure for Hieu despite not knowing how the result would be. There was a re-examination appointment on March 21, but they could not go because of their especially difficult living conditions.

“Hieu’s parents divorced so he has been living with his grandparents. Previously, his father was working at Tay Ninh with a monthly income of about 6 million VND, but he quit his job 2 months ago to take care of Hieu,” said Mr. Nguyen Phuc Tri Giang, leader of Sub-village 4.

Since then, the main income for the 4-member family has depended on Hieu’s grandfather, Mr. Pham Van Lieu. However, the wage he received from dragging fishing nets is extremely precarious.

Therefore, local authorities have been asking for donations to support Hieu. Mrs. Phuong expressed her gratitude to the donors, TVU Communication Club, and the local authorities for paying special attention and support to Hieu.

Mr. Do Quoc Vinh, Member of the Executive Committee of the TVU Student Union, and Head of TVU Communication Club said that “Hanh trinh nhan ai” is an annual program that has been well received and enthusiastically joined by numerous lecturers and students of Tra Vinh University, expressing the enthusiasm of youth and revolutionary ideal through volunteer activities.

Lan Anh