Giving reproductive health advice to the students at Tra Vinh University


(TVU) – Tra Vinh University organizes a consultation on “Reproductive Health – A Determining Factor for Family Happiness” for students at Campus 1, Tra Vinh University on June 18th.

The event sees the presence of Dr. Thach Thi Dan, the Vice-Rector of the University; Dr. Nguyen Ba My Nhi, the Former Deputy Director of Tu Du Hospital, and the Director of the Obstetrics Department at Tam Anh Hospital (Ho Chi Minh City); Pharmacist Hoang Minh Hien, the Marketing Director of Kim Do Pharmaceutical Company; Pharmacist Luong Thi Tran Huyen, the Product Manager at Kim Do Pharmaceutical Company; and representatives from the Student Affairs Office along with over 500 students from Tra Vinh University.

Vice-Rector Thach Thi Dan emphasizes, “The university has placed a significant emphasis on disseminating, counseling, and educating students on reproductive health in recent years. Having accurate knowledge in this area positively influences the perspectives on love and sexuality among young people, especially students.”

Vice-Rector Thach Thi Dan hopes that through dissemination and education efforts aimed at raising awareness and responsibility regarding reproductive health, society as a whole will actively engage. It is crucial to have a proper understanding of one’s own lifestyle in line with modern trends and to establish measures for safe and healthy reproductive health.

During the counseling session, the students actively exchange ideas with Dr. Nguyen Ba My Nhi, an Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist, discussing the importance of reproductive health for both males and females and the LGBT and LGBTQ+ community. They address the causes of sexually transmitted diseases and preventive measures. The conversation also covers common gynecological and urological conditions prevalent in modern society. Safe sexual practices and contraception methods to prevent unintended pregnancies are discussed.


The students watch a skit depicting real-life situations and enthusiastically interact with the speakers in an open-minded manner. They pose numerous questions about self-care for reproductive health and receive attractive gifts from sponsors.

Tran Thanh Ngan, a student from the Business Administration Class, shares, “This program holds significant meaning and attracts a lot of student attention. The skit vividly portrays the current realities faced by young people. Additionally, the dedicated advice provided by experts on gender-related issues, various reproductive health conditions, and methods of prevention and treatment for gynecological and urological disorders were highly appreciated.”

By Nhat Hao