Graduate students participating in the practical program in the Philippines


From December 2nd to December 10th, graduate students majoring in Healthcare Administration from Tra Vinh University participate in a practical program at Central Philippine University (CPU), Republic of the Philippines.

This program aims to help the students understand the healthcare system, medical education, and the culture of the Philippines; learn from healthcare experts in the Philippines; and develop practical skills and scientific research abilities.

According to the schedule, the students participate in CPU’s various educational, practical, and research activities. Specifically, they attend classes and seminars on healthcare administration, visit healthcare facilities at CPU, and undertake internships at hospitals and medical centers in the Philippines. They also have the opportunity to visit famous destinations in the Philippines.

This is the first practical trip for graduate students majoring in Healthcare Administration to participate in an international practical program. It is an opportunity for students to gain exposure to advanced programs in other countries, contributing to the improvement of students’ knowledge and professional skills.

By Ngoc Tram