Hai Phong Company shares internship program and job opportunities in Japan


TVU – On December 5, representatives of Hai Phong Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company (Hanoi) had a sharing session about the procedures and conditions for internship and working in Japan with over 50 students from the School of Engineering and Technology, School of Medicine and Pharmacy, School of Agriculture and Aquaculture at Tra Vinh University.

Mr. Le Duy Tan, a business officer of Hai Phong Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company, said that this program applies to 3rd and 4th year students majoring in Agriculture, Healthcare and Engineering. Students will enjoy policies and benefits like living expenses, eating and accommodation conditions during their internship. They also have opportunities to work at Japanese companies in Vietnam after completing the program.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ly Thi Thu Lan, Vice Dean of the School of Agriculture and Aquaculture, said that participating in internship programs in Japan helps students have a chance to approach jobs that match their majors in an advanced working environment and earn additional income. Students will have their internship results recognized after completing the program.

At the meeting, students asked many questions related to the internship and working program in Japan, which were answered by Mr. Chau Ngoc Ha, a representative of Hai Phong Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company. According to Mr. Ha, students need to prepare luggage and have a stable psychology to quickly adapt to the working environment in Japan. The company will provide free Japanese language training and support loan procedures when students join this program.

At the event, Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Huy Thong, Vice President of the International Training Institute of Tra Vinh University, thanked Hai Phong Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company for their attention and early implementation of the contents in the memorandum of understanding between the two units. He advised students to be well-prepared in terms of knowledge, skills, foreign languages and psychology before participating in the program. He expected more students to be interested in the program in the future.