Health insurance propaganda contest among students


(TVU) – On the morning of December 15th, 2023, the “Health Insurance Propaganda” contest was held at Tra Vinh University to enhance communication among students regarding health insurance policies, legislation, and comprehensive insurance.

The propaganda contest in the form of a ‘game show’ organized by the Department of Student Affairs coordinated with Tra Vinh Social Insurance to attract a large number of students and supporters. Thus, this created a beneficial platform for students to understand the role, significance, and rights associated with insurance in safeguarding and caring for personal, family, and social health. This aimed to enhance knowledge and awareness of the university’s regulations on insurance participation of students.

On this occasion, the university commended and rewarded the collective efforts of class officials who achieved outstanding achievements for two consecutive years in promoting and implementing insurance, innovation, and payment methods of health insurance.

The contest comprised three rounds featuring situational questions to help students in both learning and fun, aiding in the retention of information, as well as understanding their rights and responsibilities regarding health insurance participation. The contest results, the organizing committee awarded 1 First Prize, 2 Second Prizes, 3 Third Prizes, and 20 Consolation Prizes. 1 award for the excellent propagandist of Kieu Nguyet Phuong Truc from the DA20KTB class.

By Hanh Nguyen