High school students ‎enjoy a day in the student life at Tra Vinh university


Being actually interested in practical experience at Tra Vinh university (TVU), the students from high schools all enjoy their visit at TVU and want to return once again in the upcoming days. With TVU, the days welcoming students and teachers of high schools are good memories of all TVU’s students and teachers.

Every week, TVU organizes welcoming students and teachers from high schools in all provinces to visit and experience the practical activities of students at the university.

“I am very happy with the enthusiastic and thoughtful welcome from teachers and students of Tra Vinh university. They help us to answer many questions on choosing major and career in the future ” – Shared by Nguyen Bao Nhi, students of Vi Thuy High School (Hau Giang province).

Nguyen Quoc Viet, a student of Le Hoai Don High School (Ben Tre province) shared that: “I have not got a chance to learn much about Tra Vinh university before. Today I am very lucky to be able to come and visit the university, I am extremely impressed because the students are very enthusiastic and friendly. We are able to play games and to interact with students. The TVU  campus is very wide and airy. We can take beautiful and impressive photos wherever we go.”

Mr. Doan Van Phong, teacher of Le Hoai Don High School (Ben Tre province), said that he was very impressed with the hearty, enthusiastic and professional welcome of TVU. There are many pupils expressed their intention to study in Tra Vinh university in the future.

In the trip to visit Tra Vinh university, the destinations that make students most excited are the practical experience at the faculties of TVU, the spacious student dormitory and the modern Learning Resource Center with an impressive space layout and abundant resources as well.

At the Faculty of Engineering Technology, students have access to the modern equipment of the training program in fields of engineering, technology. Similarly, at the lab of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Faculty of Odonto – Stomatology, high school students have experienced professional equipment in field of medicine with practiced simulation models under the guidance of the university’s students.

Students and teachers are also pleased to know that, TVU has many programs achieving accreditation from FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) and AUN- QA (ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance) and is ranked 221 in the top 300 most sustainable developing and eco-friendly universities in the world by UI Green Metric World University Ranking, Especially, WURI Ranking 2020 (The World’s Universities with Real Impact) has just announced that TVU is the only university in Vietnam, ranked 86 in the top 100 of WURI Ranking 2020, the university which has positive influence and contribution to society and ranked 24th in the top 50 in the value of startup and innovation.

Mr. Nguyen Dong Khoi, Deputy Head of Admissions Advisory Department, added, “TVU has many free and reduced tuition programs for students and many extended scholarship policies for female students studying in fields of science and technology. In addition to awarding many scholarships to encourage students in studying, every year the university together with national and international benefactors award many scholarships to help students overcome difficulties. Support initially students about 20 million VND for a feasible start-up project and loan support of up to 50 million VND from the university for each startup project implemented in reality so that students have more support for their way to start their own businesses.

Over the past time, TVU has promoted deep and broad links with the business community, expanded training programs associated with businesses (co-op), a specific training model of TVU, not only helps students to have job experience, to expand their learning beyond the classroom and to have learning costs, but also help businesses reduce training costs and time after recruiting. At the same time, they can take courses on essential soft skills, to help students more confidently integrate into the labor market or “start their own businesses.”

TVU provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs with continually improved training quality in 55 undergraduate majors and 33 graduate majors (25 master’s degrees and 8 doctoral degrees), and many other training programs on order in fields of Agriculture – Aquaculture, Engineering – Technology, Health Sciences, Foreign Languages, Southern Khmer Language – Culture – Art, Economics – Law, Applied Chemistry, Pedagogy, State Management – Office Administration, Tourism, Political Theory, Social Work, Sport Management,  Odonto- stomatology, Pre-University.

Details of majors, please access the link: https://www.tvu.edu.vn/xet-tuyen-dai-hoc-cao-dang-chinh-quy-2020/#cac_nganh_dh_cd_2020_dhtv.