High school students eagerly explore Tra Vinh University


(TVU)—On the morning of April 21st, nearly 1,000 high school students from eight schools in the Mekong Delta participate in the “One Day as a University Student” experience, touring and learning about Tra Vinh University’s dynamic and creative learning environment.

This tour will include students from Le Thanh Mung High School (Vinh Long), Hoa Binh Secondary and High School (Vinh Long), Hon Dat Continuing Education Center (Kien Giang), Pham Thai Buong High School (Tra Vinh), Tra Vinh Lab School, Ho Thi Nham High School (Tra Vinh), Tra Vinh Provincial Continuing Education Center for Ethnic Minorities, and Tra Vinh City Continuing Education Center.

The tour takes place in a joyful and lively atmosphere. Here, the students directly experience and explore the various training majors and the vibrant learning environment of the university and visit the modern facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums, libraries, dormitories, and more.



Activities at the School of Medicine and Pharmacy


Activities at the School of Agriculture – Aquaculture and School of Applied Chemistry


Activities at the School of Engineering and Technology


Activities at the School of Economics – Law, School of Southern Khmer Language – Culture – Arts and Humanity.

The students are particularly impressed by the large-scale agricultural practice area, biotechnology research area, Dentistry Clinic with advanced equipment, and workshops for automation control, mechanics, automobiles, electrical, electronics, and construction at the School of Engineering and Technology. They also experience activities at the specialized faculties of Economics, Law, Khmer Language, Culture and Arts, Humanities, Medicine and Pharmacy, TVU International Training Institute, Korean Language Institute, and more. Notably, the students get to experience mock job interviews at TVU’s 2024 Job Fair and witness the graduation ceremonies of their senior students.

The high school students engage in game booths organized by the faculties, interact with lecturers and university students, and receive advice on learning experiences and career orientation from their seniors. They participate in fun games, creating an exciting and lively atmosphere.

Alongside the tour, the Job Fair features various activities from employers, providing students with an overview of employment opportunities in the university’s training majors.

Through this visit, the students gain valuable insights into the university learning environment, enabling them to better plan their future academic and career paths. Many students express their desire to become students at Tra Vinh University in the future.

This is an annual event organized by Tra Vinh University to help high school students orient themselves toward their future academic and career paths. The university looks forward to welcoming more student groups to explore and learn about the learning environment on campus. Through these visits, students will receive comprehensive information about the university, training majors, scholarship policies, and suitable learning environments.

In 2024, Tra Vinh University is admitting students to various majors in fields such as Agriculture – Aquaculture; Engineering and Technology; Health Sciences; Economics, Law, Logistics, and Administration; Education; Applied Chemistry; Foreign Languages, Tourism, Hospitality, and Hotel Management; Biotechnology and Environment; Khmer Language, Culture, and Arts in the Mekong Delta; Sports Management, Political Theory, and more. Notably, a new major in Plant Protection and four new specialized majors have been added: Social Work – Healthcare Social Work, Control Engineering and Automation Technology – Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Design, Information Technology – Information Technology taught in English, and Business Administration – General Business Administration taught in English.

The expected admission methods include: Considering the results of the 2024 National High School Graduation Examination; Evaluating high school academic records (Transcripts); Assessing results from the V-SAT (Computer-Based University Entrance Examination); Considering results from the Ability Assessment Test organized by the National University of Ho Chi Minh City; Direct admission according to regulations stipulated in the Admission Regulations issued by the Ministry of Education and Training; Admitting students from the University Preparatory Program at Tra Vinh University and Ethnic Minority Preparatory Schools; and Admitting international students who have graduated from high school and study-abroad students.

Currently, Tra Vinh University has 19 internationally accredited training programs, contributing to its position among universities in the Mekong Delta region with numerous internationally accredited educational programs.

These include 07 programs accredited by FIBAA (Europe), 11 programs accredited by AUN-QA (Southeast Asia), and 01 program accredited by ABET (USA). The Dentistry major is also accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training. The university is continuing to pursue accreditation for 20 to 25 remaining programs in the near future.

The 11 AUN-QA internationally accredited programs at Tra Vinh University are Agriculture, Aquaculture, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Pharmacy, Khmer Language, Food Technology, Master of Culture, Early Childhood Education, and English Language.

Additionally, the 07 FIBAA internationally accredited programs include Business Administration, Economics, Law, Accounting and Banking Finance, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Economic Management. The Information Technology major is accredited by ABET.

The university consistently implements favorable policies for students, such as a 100% tuition fee exemption for students in pedagogical majors (according to Government Decree 116) and Traditional Musical Instrument Performance. 30% tuition fee reduction for students in Cultural Studies and Music Studies. A monthly allowance of 450,000 VND for students in Traditional Musical Instrument Performance. Furthermore, the university annually awards numerous scholarships to encourage academic excellence, sponsor-funded scholarships for underprivileged students, and offers policies for student research and entrepreneurship.

MANY SCHOLARSHIPS equivalent to 50% of tuition fees are available for female students studying in technical and engineering majors such as Construction and Transportation Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology, Control Engineering and Automation Technology, Automotive Engineering Technology, and more. Scholarships equivalent to 30% of tuition fees are available for female students in Applied Chemistry majors.

Recently, Tra Vinh University continued to rise 43 places in the top 100 of the 2023 WURI Ranking, recognized for its positive impact and contributions to society. It ranked 11th in the top 50 for Entrepreneurial and Innovative Value, 34th in the top 50 for International Student Exchange and Cooperation, 18th in the top 50 for Open and Digital Transformation, 29th in the top 50 for Crisis Management and Sustainable Development, 49th in the top 50 for Ethical Value, and 45th in the top 50 for Applied Science and Technology.