Tra Vinh University accomplishes its mission


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Tra Vinh University was upgraded from Tra Vinh Community College operated under the framework of the Vietnam-Canada Community College Project, following the model of colleges and universities in North America, providing diverse and flexible training programs that are associated with the needs of businesses, community, and society. Applying the educational model of North America successfully, Tra Vinh Community College was highly evaluated for its outstanding achievements.

Tra Vinh University is a typical example of expanding international cooperation. The university has received sponsorship from Canadian partners to improve living standards and reduce poverty to local people as well as support small and medium enterprises. Currently, TVU has expanded cooperation with more than 90 international partners in the fields of training cooperation, the exchange of students, lecturers, volunteers, and international experts, as well as cooperation in implementing funded projects, especially applied research. The university promotes many projects including offering short-term and long-term scholarships to lecturers and students, building a green university, developing research student groups – IEEE Student Chapter, and establishing a lab – an invention space for students and lecturers, etc.

Graduated students of Tra Vinh University

To meet the urgent need for qualified human resources to serve the development strategy of Tra Vinh province and the Mekong River Delta in the context of international integration, the university aims at providing lifelong learning opportunities to individuals through delivering multi-level and multi-disciplinary training programs including 54 undergraduate programs, 36 graduate programs and other training programs as the needs of community.

TVU is constantly innovating and improving training quality through international education accreditation. With the efforts of the university, there are seven undergraduate and graduate training programs that have been recognized to meet the quality accreditation standards of FIBAA, and five undergraduate programs that have reached the accreditation standards of AUN-QA. Therefore, TVU attracts over 20,000 domestic and international students annually.  

Along with improving the quality of training and research as well as promoting technology transfer to the community, TVU creates a close connection with enterprises to provide job opportunities to students. The university strives to cooperate with over 900 businesses to expand Co-op training programs (a cooperation training between the university and enterprises) – a specific training model of the university that helps students gain professional experience. The model also helps enterprises reduce training costs and time after recruitment, contributing to the students’ job opportunities after graduation. As a result, the employment rate of the students has increased. Additionally, to meet the accommodation needs of its students, the university has built a dormitory with a capacity of 3,500 students. Furthermore, the university offers special concerns to women, ethnic minorities, and communities with special needs.  

The graph demonstrates the students’ employment rate, 2016-2020

TVU continues to provide the community with a new motive, a unique advantage, and the initiative in the training of qualified human resources to contribute to the socio-economic development of the province.

By Thy Truong