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Center of Training and Enterprise Cooperation

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The Center of Training and Enterprise Cooperation (CTEC) was established regarding the Decision No. 1142/QĐ-ĐHTV dated on October 20th, 2010 by the Rector of Tra Vinh University. The Center, a professional unit that has the income and spending policies, is under Tra Vinh University. The Center is in charge of organizing educational activities regularly, offering training courses at all types, which follows the scopes, functions, and tasks of Tra Vinh University.

  1.  Functions
  • The Center has the functions of organizing training activities for courses at all levels and with different disciplines in accordance with the functions of Tra Vinh University.
  • The Center coordinates with businesses and functional units in organizing and developing various and flexible educational activities which are socialized in order to meet the needs of enterprises and the community.  

  1. Responsibilities
  • Conducting surveys of learning and knowledge and skill improvement needs of the community and submitting proposals to the Director Board to develop new disciplines and training courses, which meets the needs of learners.
  • Implementing training programs appropriate to the scope, functions and tasks of Tra Vinh University.
  • Cooperating with other institutions in giving training courses to meet the needs of the community.
  • The Center has signed agreements with other institutions and organizations to locate offices outside Tra Vinh University.
The Center is responsible for recruiting new learners in accordance with the current recruitment regulations of each level and type of training.
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