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Victory Center of Informatics and Foreign Languages

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1. Organizational Structure

Victory Center of Informatics and Foreign Languages (VIFL) is the professional unit that self-control of finance. Also, the Center is allowed to enter real data in the accounts independently.

In terms of the organizational structure, the Center consists of the Director Board, the General Administrative Department and the Academic Affair Department. Moreover, there are four satellites in four districts under this Center. There are twelve regular staff members and over 40 visiting teachers from the faculties of Tra Vinh University (TVU) and teachers from high schools in Tra Vinh city.

2. Goals

  • Improving the level of foreign languages and informatics for TVU staffs and local people who want to participate in teaching activities, scientific research, postgraduate studies, and work with foreign specialists and go on business abroad, etc.
  • Providing TVU students as well as local people with good learning conditions and opportunities to enhance their necessary skills in applying for jobs and fulfilling their jobs effectively after studying completion.
  • Strengthening international cooperation opportunities in order to improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessing activities and make learners interested in their studies, which promotes the movement of learning and improves the level of foreign languages for learners.

3. Teaching and Learning Facilities

  • There are five computer rooms with air-conditioners.
  • There are 17 classrooms, of which five rooms are equipped with air-conditioners, five are equipped with cable TV and two are used as halls.
  • The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is provided with a wide range of books for teachers and learners, which is partly supported by international partners and organizations.

4. Working Guidelines

The working guidelines of the Center are to train qualified learners and not just to recruit a lot of learners and not to get more interests. We – the staffs of the Center are trying our best to serve those who desire to improve their knowledge of foreign languages and informatics. We respect our learners because they give us a chance to work and to serve people in the community. All testing activities at the Center are carried out complying with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and other current rules.

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