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Resource Development Institute

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1. Introduction

The Resource Development Institute (RDI) was formerly the Center of Online Training and Distance Learning which was renamed regarding the Decision No. 1143/QĐ – ĐHTV dated on October 20th, 2010. This Institute continues to implement the functions and responsibilities of the Center of Online Training and Distance Learning that the Director Board has assigned. The Resource Development Institute will adjust and add functions and tasks appropriate to the developmental demands in a new stage.

2. Functions and Resposibilities:

RDI is the professional Unit under Tra Vinh University (TVU). The Intitute is in charge of carrying out research and training activities, consulting and offering technical services to communities, contributing to the development of resources for the society and TVU.

  • Field of research: organizing scientific research activities and applying the science into the reality in order to set the ground for building up strategic plans and developing resources of TVU and serving the community sustainably.
  • Field of training and improvement: assisting the Rector in organizing and managing training activities, coordinating with other institutions in offering online and distance learning programs and other continuing educational programs which are approved by the authority.
  • Consulting and technical services: organizing production services, technical consultancy, and technological transfer in terms of professional fields to bring them to the real life and society, meeting the needs of the community and contributing to the development of resources of Tra Vinh University.

3. Organizational and Personnel Structure:

The Institute has centers and professional units under it and is leaded by the director.  The director, who is supported by the deputy director, is in charge of building up the Personnel Structure Project and the financial policies and submit them to the Rector for approval.

The Institute is allowed to open a bank account and have its own seal in order to implement its tasks and do transactions.

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