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Center of Scientific Research, Services, and Production

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1. Functions

The Center assists in training and scientific research. The Center also combines training with scientific research, labor and production in order to carry out the working guideline “Learning should go with practice”, which improves the quality of training and partly supports the human resource of Tra Vinh University (TVU).

2. Responsibilities

The Center has following responsibilities:

Organizing scientific research activities and implementing the application and transfer of technology in order to meet the training, production, and business needs of organizations and individuals in the province and other areas outside the province.

Organizing and carrying out production and services supplying activities which are involved in disciplines trained at TVU in the following fields:

  • Information Technology;
  • Construction;
  • Agriculture and aquaculture;
  • Mechanical Engineering;
  • Post-harvest technology;

Introducing jobs to students from TVU and individuals who need employees.

Offering short-term training courses

3. Rights

The Center has the following rights

  • Signing contracts with organizations and individuals and the Center is self-responsible for organizing and implementing tasks.
  • Self-controlling of finance, spending policies and interest allocation that are appropriate to the regulations of TVU and that of the country. The Center is allowed to make loans from banks and to mobilize capitals and it is self-responsible for its loans and capital mobilizing in accordance with the laws of the State.
  • Recruiting employees, signing fixed-price contracts with employees, and paying salary in accordance with the regulations and the laws.
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