Integrate Vietnamese culture into academic curricula and international monographs


In the academic year 2021-2022, Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Nam – Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, and Dr. Huynh Ngoc Tai – Vice-Dean of the School of Foreign Languages jointly published meaningful research, contributing to the introduction of Vietnamese culture to scholars, experts, lecturers and students of different cultures around the world.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Nam has used language learning resources from the short story “Đàn chó hoang ăn chay” (The Vegetarian Street Dogs) by writer Ho Anh Thai, a famous Vietnamese literary work to integrate into the teaching curriculum at the university of the Netherlands. Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Nam was the author of the book chapter “Lesson for Ho Anh Thai: The Vegetarian Street Dogs”, published in 2022 by Amsterdam University Press, in the book “Dạy đọc văn chương thông qua hội thoại” (Literatuur Leren Lezen in Dialoog – Lessons for Learning Literature in Dialogue) edited by Professor Tanja Janssen. The book included 19 works with a lesson plan for each.

Another scientific research that also contributed to bringing Vietnamese culture to foreign language teaching and learning programs, intercultural teaching for lecturers and teachers of universities around the world was a book chapter written by Dr. Huynh Ngoc Tai, Vice Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, collaborated with two PhDs, senior lecturers from the University of Tasmania, Australia.

The book chapter of Dr. Huynh Ngoc Tai, namely Enhancing Foreign Language Teachers’ Use of Multicultural Literature with an Analytical Framework for Interpreting Picture books about East Asian Cultures, was published in 2022 in Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on Teaching Foreign Languages ​​in Multilingual Settings: Pedagogical Implications by Multilingual Matters Publishing, UK, by a team of professors Anna Krulatz, Georgios Neokleous, and Anne Dahl Ed.

The book chapter of Dr. Huynh Ngoc Tai and colleagues presented a comic analysis framework that helped teachers in a multilingual environment develop learners’ intercultural communication capacity. The images in comic books about Vietnamese culture have been used as a source of learning materials and served as examples, helping teachers in different cultures apply the visual meaning analysis framework created by Dr. Huynh Ngoc Tai in teaching intercultural competence in a multilingual environment.

This scientific research was one of the outstanding achievements of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, and at the same time, it was a motivation for undergraduate and postgraduate students to have more inspiration, confidence, and pride in the learning environment at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Tra Vinh University.

By My Nhien