International scientific conference “Research in Engineering and Technology – RET2022” at Tra Vinh University


(TVU) – On August 12 and 13, 2022, Tra Vinh University opened the International Scientific Conference “Research in Engineering and Technology – RET2022” with topics in the field of technology information, mechanics – dynamics, construction, electricity – electronics, control, and automation, especially topics revolving around the application of artificial intelligence and intellectual property.

RET2022 Conference took place with more than 200 delegates who are scientists, lecturers, and students. from countries such as the United States, Taiwan, Czechia, and Vietnam. According to the Conference Program Board, there are 39 quality papers accepted for report at the conference from 45 topics submitted, including 04 guest topics reported by prestigious scientists and scholars.

Prof. Dr. Tang-Chieh Liu, Dean of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Fengjia University (Taiwan) with the topic: “Development of the time-to-digital converter with resolution in Pico-sec by an FPGA chip”;

Dr. Phillip M. Adams (USA), Visiting Professor at Tra Vinh University with the topic: “Engineering an Engineer’s Patient”;

Mr. Vo Duy-Nhat, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam Co., Ltd (MEVN) with the topic: “Total maintenance solution for production lines”;

Dr. David Nghiem, Founder and President of Global Wireless Technology Corporation (USA) with the topic: “How to develop a wireless medical device”.

In order to facilitate scientists, lecturers and students around the world to follow, guest reporting sessions are online on the ZOOM platform. The reports attending the Conference were held in parallel at 5 different sessions at Tra Vinh University with the chairpersons being scientists and experts from prestigious universities in the world.

The RET2022 conference also received the attention and companionship of many domestic and foreign businesses. Which, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam Co., Ltd (MEVN) and Duyen Hai Thermal Power Company under Power Generation Corporation 1 (EVNGENCO1) are the two main sponsors for the Conference.

The RET seminar has been an annual forum for the past 4 years. In particular, the International RET conference in 2022 has attracted and attracted the attention of domestic and foreign researchers and contributed to the workshop. Articles meeting the requirements of the Conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings with ISBN index.

RET Conference – Research in Engineering and Technology organized by Tra Vinh University is an annual forum to exchange research results and experiences in the fields of science and technology of scientists and scholars. domestic and international, and is also the place to publish the results of research and application of lecturers, students, and students of colleges and universities.


Photos of the RET2022 Conference: