Introducing the “Practice and summer tourism in the United States” at Tra Vinh University.


On 11th July, 2011 accepted the invitation of the Rector of Tra Vinh University, Mr. Trinh Viet Trung, Director of Vietnam Resource Group along with his coworkers had a working meeting with TVU Rector Board at workshop 2of TVU.
The content of this visit was to introduce Tra Vinh University a program on “Practice and Tourism in the United States” for students in Vietnam.

With this program, students can participate in short-term or long term (from 4 months to 12 months) in the U.S. and get paid in which giving priority to agriculture and livestock breeding. Mr Trung said, this is a very attractive program designed by the US. Ministry of Foreign Affairs united with the University of Minnesota agreed and assigned him as a bridge to implement the development goals of education field between Vietnam and the U.S. Participating in this program students will have accumulated the experience, confidence in work, learning, cultural exchanges, enhancing self-knowledge, planning their own future and will be paid while practicing, but he also describes the basic conditions required for students participating in programs such as English requirements and objectives of the candidate’s work and commitment of  returning Vietnam at end the practice course … Going with Mr Trinh Viet Trinh, Mr. Mark Fishel, director of training program, resource group Vietnamese company also shared about the program to develop vocational skills help candidates graduate have the opportunity to succeed in a job interview ….

On this occasion Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh-Rector of TVU, President of the College community in Vietnam has also requested Mr. Mark to co-organize a seminar at TVU for other schools of Viet Nam Community College Association and other institutions in the South. Mr. Mark has also approved and will be deployed in the shortest time.
After discussion of some of the content of cooperation, both sides agreed to sign the memorandum as a basis for implementation.

In the morning of 12/07/2011 the delegation also had a meeting and discussion with TVU students to introduce and discuss some of the information of the program. Discussions have received the attention of the students on this program.
News & Photo: Thanh Son