Japanese Company to Offer Job Opportunities for TVU Juniors


(TVU) – 23.9.2016. A formal meeting between the university Vice-rector, Dr Nguyen Tien Dung, and Mr. Masubuchi Haruo, the representative of Takeuchi Co-operative reached a mutual agreement that TVU third-year students can take paid- internships in Japan with the Takeuchi  Co-operative.

Mr. Masubuchi Haruo informed that the company is always in great demand for workforce in a wide range of sectors including technology, agriculture, office administration and hospitality management. From their third-year at TVU, interested students can apply for internships in these sectors. Successful candidates will be trained prior to spending time working in Japan.

Additionally, Mr. Haruo suggested to establish a Japanese language centre at TVU so as to create more opportunities for Vietnamese students to take Japanese courses. He believes that such language courses help prospective employees from Vietnam to break the language barrier when considering working in Japan.

On behalf of Tra Vinh University, Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung, expressed his pleasure with the mutual agreements obtained by the university and the Takeuchi Co-operative. He considered this is a promising start for both TVU and Takeuchi Co-operative to have further co-operation programs in sending TVU students to experience internship in Japan. The university representative also promised that TVU will offer appropriate and relevant training curriculum for Vietnamese students to meet the requirements from Japanese companies especially the professional skills and language.

This is the third formal meeting between representatives of the Japanese company and TVU. The productive discussions between leaders of TVU and the Takeuchi Co-operative have brought about career opportunities to work in Japan for Vietnamese students of various majors ranging from Technology, Agriculture to Economics and other social science disciplines.

By: Huynh, Ngoc Tai – TVU School of Foreign Languages