Japanese Mikuni Dental Clinic conducts dental implants at School of Odonto Stomatology


(TVU) – Following series of professional support activities for dentistry lecturers and students of the School of Odonto Stomatology, Mikuni Dental Clinic Hanoi in collaboration with the School of Odonto Stomatology conducted two implants on patients at the Dental Clinic of Tra Vinh University at the end of July, 2019.

The delegation of Mikuni Dental Clinic Hanoi including Dr. Akihito Ikushima, Deputy General Director, Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Phuong, Managing Director and Ms. Toyohuku Asuka cooperated with doctors of the School of Odonto Stomatology to perform two implants on patients. This activity is especially meaningful to TVU lecturers and students as it is a golden opportunity for them to observe the implantation on real patients and get precious experience from Japanese experts.

Dr. Akihito Ikushima also delivered a training session to the students on the endodontic treatments and procedures in Japan. Thanks to the training, the students can better understand the treatment process and access endodontics from a new perspective. 

It is expected that at the end of 2019, Doctor Akihito Ikushima and the delegation will continue to work with the School of Odonto Stomatology to coordinately conduct dental restoration such as inlay, onlay and overlay.

Bao Anh