Korean cultural exchange through experiential activities


(TVU) – The Tra Vinh King Sejong Institute (TV-KSI) hosts a Korean cultural exchange event on August 18 and 19, which attracts a large number of students.

A talk on Vietnamese-Khmer-Korean costume culture is one of the many activities planned for the program, which features Dr. Lim Kyoung Hwa, Director of the Korea Handicraft Promotion Foundation, and Dr. Son Cao Thang, lecturer at the School of Southern Khmer Language, Culture, Arts, and Humanities. There are also Hanbok K-Tradition workshops available that cover topics including Korean culture and traditional clothes, how to make Hanbok accessories and hair ribbons, as well as traditional etiquette in Korea.


Dr. Chau Thi Hoang Hoa, Director of TV-KSI, expressed her gratitude to Dr. Lim Kyoung Hwa for her visit and work at Tra Vinh University. Moreover, TV-KSI will keep planning a variety of activities to make learning more fun for students in the future.

By Lan Anh