Learning about the skills of writing news and multimedia communications


TVU – On June 6th, 2023, the Southwestern Khmer Language, Culture, Arts, and Humanities School started a training course on Multimedia Communication Skills for students and instructors to effectively enhance their communication and information transmission abilities in modern work environments.

The training course was relevant to three topics: Information gathering skills, headline-writing skills, and photography techniques. The course was conducted by the journalist guests and instructors who come from Tra Vinh newspaper and Tra Vinh University.

Through the training course, the participants received useful guidance from the journalists such as information-gathering skills, news presentation techniques, practical news writing exercises, news analysis, and approaches to building and developing multimedia communication channels.

Dr. Ngo So Phe, the Principal of the Southwestern Khmer Language, Culture, Arts, and Humanities School, stated that the training course equips participants with additional writing skills and provides knowledge on news writing techniques like creating captivating headlines, logically organizing information, and using appropriate language for different target readers. Furthermore, the training course helped participants explore and utilize multimedia tools such as images, videos, and audio to stimulate persuasiveness, and reader interaction, and support them well in their studies and professional careers.

At the end of the training course, the Southwestern Khmer Language, Culture, Arts, and Humanities School organized a final evaluation and awarded the participants who completed the course.

By Nhat Hao