Many significant cooperation between Tra Vinh University and the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association in Kansai, Japan


(TVU) – On August 1, 2022, Tra Vinh University signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation MOU with the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association of Kansai, Japan, a multi-field cooperation agreement on education and training, and scientific research jobs. study and exchange and promote the culture of the two countries Vietnam  – Japan.

The cooperation signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Hironori Sakai, a Member of the Hyogo Provincial Council, a Member of the Japanese Parliament, Chairman of the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association of the Kansai region, and Chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Culture. and International as the team leader. Members include Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Phuong, Director of MEFAST; Mr. Luong Phuc Sinh, Vice President of MEFAST, Assistant in Vietnam of Mr. Hironori Sakai; Ms. Maeda Kotaro, President of HOWDY Japanese Language School; Mr. Kozaiwa Tatsuya, Principal of HOWDY Japanese Language School; Mr. Nakagawa Keigo, Principal of HOWDY Japanese Language School in the Philippines.

Ms. Phan Thi Thanh Binh, President of the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association in Tra Vinh province, Mr. Pham Van Be Sau, Deputy Director of the investment promotion center of Tra Vinh province, leaders of the University Council, Board of Directors, and representatives of units under Tra Vinh University were present to greet the delegation.

In the Memorandum of Understanding at the university level, between Tra Vinh University and Japanese units including FUNDGO Innovative Startup Investment Fund, DTS Digital Transformation Alliance, and Fund Management Company, TrusPay Software Company, with many important contents were approved. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh and Mr. Hironori Sakai, representatives of the two units, signed in as the witness of leaders of the two units and representatives of the Vietnam – Japan Friendship Association in Tra Vinh province.

The general contents of the agreement include Support for innovative start-up activities, support for training activities with start-up students, cooperation in linkage, connection, and capital support. for student entrepreneurship projects. Coordinating startup competitions, incubating startup models, and promoting the innovative startup ecosystem in the school. Coordinating research to expand the program of new disciplines at the University of Technology associated with the development of the digital economy and digital society such as e-commerce, information technology (IoT, Blockchain, Big Data,) digital tourism, etc.

During the working session, representatives of units from Japan signed a contract with units of the school including MEFAST and Howdy Japanese Language School.

Which, MEFAST has signed with each unit of Tra Vinh University including the Employment Service Center, Science and Technology Department, and Faculty of Agriculture and Fisheries with many important cooperation contents including Direct connection coordination Contact with Japanese businesses wishing to recruit workers, graduates from the school, especially the health care industry.

Bringing employees and students employed by the Job Placement Center to participate in graduate internships, technical interns, and specific skill programs in Japan; Coordinating to organize job fairs, and opportunities to study and work in Japan, introducing Japanese businesses to consult, interview and recruit at the school.

Organize policy dialogues with provincial leaders for international students and workers, and face-to-face and online dialogues with Japanese admissions and recruitment agencies.

Fields of cooperation in scientific research, applied technology, specifically: Coordinating to organize scientific research proposals in the fields of Agriculture and Fisheries associated with investment activities of enterprises in Tra Vinh; Coordinating to propose provincial applied scientific research programs and topics; coordinate and support projects for the Japanese side in cooperation with agriculture and fishery; exchange of experts and experiences in the application of science and technology in the fields of agriculture and fisheries of Japan.

The Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between Howdy Japanese Language School and Victory Foreign Language Information Center with the following contents: The two sides will coordinate to complete a short-term Japanese language training program for international students and workers from Vietnam. working for a limited time in Japan, including training in Japanese culture, lifestyle, and working style, organizing student exchange activities, learning Japanese and culture at the school.