Many vacancies are available to students majoring in English


The job festival and job interview for students majoring in English took place on April 10, with the participation of 5 recruitment businesses and more than 120 students majoring in the English language.


The students were introduced by the enterprise about the field of business of the company, career opportunities, policies and selection of candidates.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh – Human Resources Officer of Educational Solutions Co., Ltd. said: The company needs to apply for candidates in positions such as English teacher, business representative and academic. When coming to work at the company, candidates will receive a competitive salary, a stable and professional environment, pre-teaching training, and so on.

Mr. Pham Minh Tam – Director of Aloha Saigon English System – Ilingo said: the system needs to recruit staff in positions such as English teachers, media and marketing staff, management staff and administration. The requirements are the English users must have good teaching skills and be committed to the education.

At the job festival, students participate in exchanges with businesses about recruitment policies and other conditions. The students also learn about interviewing skills and finding suitable job positions before graduation.