Meaningful summer volunteer campaign


The TVU Youth Union’s 2022 summer volunteer campaign, which lasted from
July 10 to August 10, accomplished numerous worthwhile works and projects for
society under the motto of efficiency, safety, and saving associated with the actual needs of the community.

According to Mr. Tran Van Trieu, Permanent Deputy Secretary of TVU Youth Union,
over nearly 4 weeks of the campaign, thanks to 40 permanent soldiers and 105
provincial-level specialized soldiers, more than 88 kilometers of environmental
cleanliness along rural roads was completed; nearly 1 ton of building materials has
been transported; 1,000 trees were planted; a propaganda campaign was organized,
and 500 leaflets were sent to 338 families with information about establishing a
civilized urban lifestyle and maintaining residential neighborhoods.

Volunteer soldiers also organized summer activities and knowledge reviews for over
400 primary school students, and gave 50 gifts to students.

Moreover, they also supported completing building a house at Chong No 2 (Hoa Tan,
Cau Ke); fixing 2 playgrounds at Chong No 3 and Hoi An; giving gifts to families
under the preferential treatment policy; awarding scholarships to students; and
carrying out the “Thap sang duong que” project, which entailed installing solar energy
bulbs along 2-kilometer roads at Cau Ke, Cau Ngang, and Duyen Hai at a cost of up to
210 million VND.

In this year’s Youth Volunteer Campaign, Mr. Tran Van Thieu continued, the TVU
Youth Union also worked with other grassroots unions in the province to organize the
“Volunteer Saturday – Green Sunday” with the help of more than 1,000 soldiers,
completing tasks like cleaning the streets and campuses, supporting environmental
awareness and preventing social evils propaganda, etc.

At Hoa Tan commune (Cau Ke), soldier Chau Van Nhi Khang, a student of the State
Management class of 2020, said that he and other volunteers were very excited to join
hands in completing the projects for the community.

Lan Anh