Mekong Delta under pressure amid climate change


(TVU) – On December 14, 2023, at the Institute of Biotechnology, Tra Vinh University takes place a conference titled “Summarizing the Climate Change Program in the Mekong Delta region”, attracting the participation of experts from Wageningen University (Netherlands), Can Tho University, Tra Vinh University, and local farmers in Tra Vinh province.

Attending the conference, there were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diep Thanh Tung, Vice Rector of Tra Vinh University, Dr. Dang Kieu Nhan, Researcher at the Mekong Delta Development Research Institute, Can Tho University; and Dr. M. Siegmund-Schultze, Head of the Land Use and Food Security Research Group at Wageningen University.

The conference focuses on clarifying issues and proposing solutions for saline-affected soils, identifying crop varieties suitable for the soil and weather conditions in the Mekong Delta region in the face of climate change. Research finds salt-tolerant crop varieties and livestock farming models that have the ability to adapt to climate change. Additionally, developing solutions ensure food safety during the transition studying techniques and applications of biotechnology process to enhance plant growth and adaptation in the current arid and saline environment.

The conference serves as a platform for scientists, relevant departments, and local authorities to collaborate with farmers in the Mekong Delta region to find appropriate solutions to cope with saltwater intrusion and climate change.

By Ngoc Tram