Mock Press Conference held by English majors at TVU


TVU, 13.10.2016 – The fourth year students of TVU School of Foreign Languages organized a mock press conference for the launch of Vietnamese version of UNESCO’s Story-based Investigative Journalism on October 13, 2016.

The press conference speakers included seven students who rotated their roles as senior translators of the UNESCO’s Story-Based Inquiry: a Manual for Investigative Journalists.

These students tested their translation and public speaking skills by taking turns to interpret speeches to bilingual audiences and defend their method of translating the manual.

Led by Dr Ho Dac Tuc, students rotated to present the manual’s chapters that they translated and asked 24 participant-students to give constructive feedback.

“The mock press conference is solely created by students as part of their translation course assignments,” Tuc said. “The students run this very well and make a successful press conference.”

Students-participants said they were very happy with a positive experience for all involved.

Aloki Nodi