More than 3000 job positions for students at TVU Job Fair 2020


On November 28, the Job Fair 2020 took place at Tra Vinh University, attracting the attendances of a large number of students, employees, and nearly 20 businesses inside and outside the province.

More than 3000 job vacancies were sent by employers to the Job Service Center at the Job fair, creating many job opportunities for the university’s students and employees as well as for businesses.  

The businesses wishing to recruit for many job positions include Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Truong Hai Agriculture Joint Stock Company, Dai Viet Works Service and Human Resources Corporation, Aloha Sai Gon International Language One Member Company Limited, Tra Vinh MobiFone Company.

Mrs. Thach Thi Dan, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University, said: “In 2020, about 2000 students of Tra Vinh University will graduate. The job fair this year aims to connect students with businesses, thereby helping them find suitable jobs. This is also an opportunity for companies and businesses to find potential candidates that meet their recruitment needs as well as to promote and honor the business’s image and brand in the most effective way.

Mrs. Thach Thi Dan, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University

Than Huynh Giao, a third-year student: “Thanks to the detailed information learned at the job fair, I have better orientation for my future.”

“This Job Fair helped us to access suitable job positions. Many of us have applied for jobs, participated in face-to-face interviews, and are waiting for the results from the employers.” – Danh Chanh Nan, a student from the Faculty of Southern Khmer Language – Culture – Art said. At the same time as this event, the workshop on job opportunities and study abroad in Japan and Germany took place with the attendances of more than 150 students of Tra Vinh University. The representatives of ESUHAI Company also shared about the study abroad program as well as information about scholarships in the Federal Republic of Germany.

My Nhien