MoU on fostering local human resources in the period 2023–2027


TVU – On May 19, Tra Vinh University and Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on vocational education and local human resources development in the period of 2023–2027.

The ceremony took place in the presence of Mr. Luu Van Nhanh, Deputy Head of Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority; Dr. Thach Thi Dan, Vice Rector of Tra Vinh University; along with leaders of the two units.

Dr. Thach Thi Dan stated in her speech that through the cooperation, Tra Vinh University and Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority would work together to carry out a number of activities that would improve the quality of training and supply high-quality human resources for local and regional needs.

“The cooperative relations with government offices, partners, socio-political organizations, training institutions, businesses, employers, employees, and international organizations are always centered in order to support activities of the University, such as scientific research, science and technology acquisition and transfer, offering services for human resource development, and generating local and regional employment,” the Vice-Rector emphasized.

According to the MoU, the two parties have agreed to cooperate on implementing training and retraining programs, monitoring and summarizing their quantity and results, as well as providing employment services in accordance with the needs of businesses in economic zones and industrial zones in order to determine needs, enhance the quality of training, and expand training programs in line with industry development orientations.

Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority will introduce appropriate businesses to contribute ideas in developing training programs and evaluating output standards for TVU students. They will also coordinate with TVU to orient human resource training for businesses under the model of “Enrollment – Training – Recruitment and Utilization of Human Resources” on the basis of focusing on majors that have been recognized by international accreditation standards.

Additionally, the two parties will organize seminars and workshops for students on skills development and job orientation. If the businesses approve, they will also work with them to arrange internships so that students may perfect their abilities and work habits in a professional setting.

Every year, the Economic Zone Authority will offer forecasts of training and labor demands of businesses based on the professions that Tra Vinh University is implementing linking vocational training with enterprises. Additionally, the Authority will introduce companies to Tra Vinh University’s career counseling days, and job fairs.

Furthermore, Tra Vinh University will also present graduates with full professional qualifications that meet the hiring requirements of businesses managed by the Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority and carry out a variety of promotional activities on multi-media platforms.

Mr. Luu Van Nhanh, Deputy Head of Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority, particularly appreciated Tra Vinh University’s contributions to the training, scientific research, innovation, startup, and labor supply for Tra Vinh province and the surrounding area.

He said that Tra Vinh University had participated in a variety of actions throughout the years to develop Tra Vinh province and the community. “The cooperation between Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority and Tra Vinh University will help develop high-quality human resources that will be available to businesses in the economic zone and industrial zones of the province and the entire nation in the near future,” he shared.

Through this cooperation, Tra Vinh University and Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority strongly hope to establish a long-lasting and sustainable partnership that will foster the ideal circumstances for regional joint growth in economy and education.

By Lan Anh