Ms. Ton Sa Im, Deputy Secretary of State, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Kingdom of Cambodia visiting and working with Tra Vinh University


In the morning of June 28th, 2011, Ms. Ton Sa Im – Deputy Secretary of State, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Kingdom of Cambodia along with Dr. Om Romny – Director of the Cambodian Institute of Technology and the delegation visited and worked with Tra Vinh University (TVU). Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh – TVU Rector, Vice Rectors, teachers and students of the Faculty of language, culture, and art of Khmer solemnly welcomed Ms. Ton Sa Im and the delegation.

On the visit, besides the exchange of matters related to the implementation of MOU between Cambodian Institute of Technology and TVU, a number of co-operations in training in future was discussed. Speaking at the meeting, Ms.Ton Sa Im supported the cooperation program between the two – the Cambodian Institute of technology and TVU. Ms. Ton Sa Im showed that the training cooperation between the two sides would be more favorable due to the cross-cultural characteristics and similarities between Vietnam and Cambodia. Especially, Tra Vinh has up to 30% of the population which were Khmers.

On this occasion, in recognition of the merits of two TVU staff members in the formation and development of the cooperation between the two divisions, Cambodian Institute of Technology gave commendation papers to Mr. Eng Van Be and Ms. Thach Thi Om Na Ra – two officers were sent to study in Cambodia in the last time.

The delegation also had exchanges with students of Northern Khmer culture, students of Pedagogy and Philology Khmer at TVU. From the exchange, Ms. Ton Sa Im and Dr. Om Romny promised to support documents and videos aiming at providing students with good conditions to profoundly study in culture and Khmer language. In August, 2011 the delegation of Cambodian Institute of Technology would be back TVU to select and award two full scholarships of study at the Institute for two excellent students.

At the end of a meeting, the delegation visited some learning facilities at TVU to get to know more about training conditions in order to heading toward further cooperation of other fields in future.

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Photo 1: Ms. Ton Sa Im (the 8th, from the left), TS. Om Romny (the 10th, from the left), TS. Pham Tiet Khanh (the 9th, from the left)

Photo 2: Ms. Ton Sa Im delivered a speech at the meeting.

News & photos: Thanh Son