Nearly 1,500 students participated in practical experience activities at Tra Vinh University


(TVU) – Thanks to practical experiences in the learning and training environment at universities and colleges, high school students orient their careers to reality and mentally prepare themselves to choose majors and schools after graduation.

On the morning of January 14th, Tra Vinh University welcomed about 1,500 students from different schools, including Hoa Minh High School (Tra Vinh); Nguyen Du High School (Dong Thap); Chu Van An High School (Dong Thap); Tran Quoc Toan High School (Dong Thap); Phu Thanh A Secondary-High School (Dong Thap); Tram Chim High School (Dong Thap); Hong Ngu 1 High School (Dong Thap); Tam Vu High School (Hau Giang); Tran Dai Nghia High School (Can Tho); Luong Dinh Cua High School (Can Tho); Tam Binh High School (Vinh Long); Nhuan Phu Tan High School (Ben Tre); Vung Liem Continuing Education Center (Vinh Long); Boarding High School for Ethnic minorities – High School (Vinh Long) and Tien Giang Provincial Continuing Education Center, to come and experience the series of activities “A day to be Tra Vinh university’s student.”

High school students take photos at Tra Vinh University

Admission activity, career guidance, and experiential activities create opportunities for students to approach reality, helping students gain more experience and visit living, learning, and research activities with other students, contributing to orienting students in choosing schools, majors, and careers.

During the visit to Tra Vinh University, students were most excited about the practical experience at member schools, training faculties, dormitories, and Learning Resource Centers, and participating in culinary activities, exchanges, and fun games.

Career counseling and enrollment activities at the School of Southern Khmer Language – Culture – Arts and Humanities

Career counseling and enrollment activities at the School of Economics and Law

Students participate in career counseling and admission activities at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Career counseling and enrollment activities at the Faculty of Agriculture and Fisheries and Department of Applied Chemistry

Career counseling and enrollment activities at the School of Medicine and Pharmacy

Students visit the Korean cultural space at King Sejong Institute Tra Vinh


Students participate in career counseling and enrollment activities at the Institute of Biotechnology

Students participate in games and folk cake stalls at the school


Through the visit, students can access equipment, learn information, policies, and scholarships from training sectors in the fields of Agriculture and Fisheries, Engineering and Technology, Medicine and Pharmacy, Foreign Languages, Southern Khmer Language-Culture-Art and Humanities, Economics-Law, Applied Chemistry, Pedagogy, Biotechnology, Environment, and Dentistry, etc.

At the practice room of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy – Institute of Biotechnology, students visited modern medical equipment with practice simulation models under the guidance of the university’s lecturers.

Vo Duc Dat, a student of Hoa Minh High School (Tra Vinh), shared: “By going on field trips, experiencing and learning about majors at Tra Vinh University, we can feel and have an objective view. This visit brings me an opportunity to learn useful and meaningful experiences.”

Phan Huynh Bao Nhi, a student at Nhuan Phu Tan High School (Ben Tre), said: “When I arrived at Tra Vinh University, my first impression was the enthusiasm of the teachers and students. Thanks to the knowledge that I learned from the visit, I could decide my future career”.

Bao Nhi added: “Only when we visited Tra Vinh University could we see the dynamism of a green university. The school has modern facilities with various professions, especially green space. It is the school that I aim to study in the future. I plan to apply for university admission to the major of law and pedagogy at Tra Vinh University.”


Recently, Tra Vinh University has focused on investing in many specific industries, expanding new majors in the direction of diversification, closely connecting the business community and the need for quality human resources to serve economic development, regional societies in technology, agriculture, sustainable fisheries, health sciences, economics, culture, tourism, hotels and restaurants, biotechnology, environment, applied chemistry applications, logistics, artificial intelligence, etc.

Tra Vinh University is a public school with nationwide admission. Its admission school code is DVT, enrolling various majors by different methods, including considering high school academic results (school profile), high school graduation exam results, the results of the capacity assessment test of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, direct admission according to current Admission Regulations, admission for university preparatory studies, and admission for foreign candidates who have graduated from high school.

Tra Vinh University has preferential policies aiming at learners, such as a 100% tuition exemption for students in pedagogical majors (according to Decree 116 of the government). 100% tuition exemption and a monthly living allowance equivalent to 450,000 VND/student/month for students studying Traditional Musical Instrument Performance. 30% tuition discount for students majoring in Cultural Studies and Music Studies.

Many scholarships are equivalent to 50% of tuition for female students studying engineering majors, including Traffic Construction Engineering, Construction Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electronic Engineering Technology, Control and Automation Technology, Dynamics, Automotive Engineering Technology, etc. Scholarship equivalent to 30% of tuition for female students studying applied chemistry majors.

Tra Vinh University has been in the Top 200 Green Universities for four consecutive years, with sustainable development and many social contributions – ranked by UI Greenmetric World University Rankings. In 2023, Tra Vinh University continued to rank 43rd in the Top 100 schools with positive influence and contributions to society, entrepreneurship value and innovation, digital transformation and expanding cooperation, and international students exchange (up 19 places compared to 2022; up 28 places compared to 2021; up 43 places compared to 2020), on the WURI Ranking 2023.

Tra Vinh University achieved quality accreditation according to new standards of the Ministry of Education and Training. It ranked among the TOP universities in the Mekong Delta with many training programs accredited for international education quality according to AUN-QA, FIBAA, and ABET standards, with 15 programs.

Among them, seven programs met AUN-QA international education quality standards, including Agriculture, Fisheries, and Veterinary Medicine under the Faculty of Agriculture and Fisheries; Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, and Pharmacy under the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy; Khmer Language belongs to the School of Southern Khmer Language-Culture-Arts and Humanities. Seven programs were accredited by FIBAA International Education Quality Accreditation, including Business Administration, Economy; Law, Accounting and Banking Finance, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Economic Management from the School of Economics and Law. The Information Technology major of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology has just passed ABET quality accreditation. The school continues expanding international education quality accreditation for the remaining sectors.

By My Nhien