Nhut Khoa: A typical presenter in the entrepreneurship movement


TVU – To both ensure studying and participating well in Union – Association activities, the students and young people honored in the entrepreneurship movement all have a process of striving with success-specific plans and goals. One of them is Nguyen Nhut Khoa, a student from Mechanical Engineering University 2018.

Nhut Khoa is currently the Vice President of the Startup Club under the Student Union of Tra Vinh University. In addition to being active and enthusiastic in Union – Association work, Nhut Khoa is also a typical youth example in the entrepreneurship movement in 2021 in Tra Vinh province.
Nhut Khoa said: “I was fortunate to be introduced to the TVU Startup Club by a close friend. I learned a lot of skills and connected with my predecessors and like-minded friends. That led me to the entrepreneurship movement.”
In the work of the Union – Association, when mobilizing union members to participate in movements, they should be an example and lead, even if to be effective, especially in the youth independence movement establish a career. Therefore, as Vice President of the Startup Club, Nhut Khoa and other members in the Club learn and build creative ideas and projects for you to research together.
The highlight in startup projects of Nhut Khoa is related to science and technology in the field of construction for the production process.
These include a start-up project highly appreciated when creating “Applications connecting suppliers and users of construction-related services”. An application connects suppliers and users of services such as designing, repairing and construction, contractors, or architects. Thereby, saving a lot of time in searching for reputable and quality service providers. On the other hand, the application allows users to refer to beautiful building simples, suitable construction layouts.
As for the “Social Media” project, Nhut Khoa and his friends in the project team want to communicate Vietnam agricultural products by designing product images, message content, videos, bringing products to customers on the e-commerce trading floor, channel management, advertising, etc. Contribute to help develop the country’s agriculture.
Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An, Secretary of the Youth Union, Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Tra Vinh University, said: “TVU identifies the entrepreneurship movement as one of the key tasks. The TVU Youth Union and the Student Union have implemented many practical activities to help students start their businesses.”
With the results achieved, Nhut Khoa has just won the title of “5 Good Student” at the school level in 2021 and was honored by the Executive Committee of Tra Vinh Provincial Youth Union as one of the 10 typical youth examples in the Startup movement in 2021 in the locality province area.
Ngoc Thu