Odonto – Stomatology student receives scholarship from the US Department of State


TVU – Nguyen Thanh Nguyen, a 2022 Odonto – Stomatology student at Tra Vinh University, applies for and receives the 2023 YSEALI Academic Fellows scholarship program from the US Department of State.

It is not an easy challenge, but with determination and eagerness to learn, Thanh Nguyen succeeds in conquering this scholarship. The US Department of State’s scholarship program aims to promote the development and connection of young generations.

Thanh Nguyen is an excellent student of the Faculty of Odonto – Stomatology, Tra Vinh University with a passion for learning English, academic efforts and self-improvement that allows him to receive this prestigious scholarship.

Sharing the joy of receiving the scholarship, Thanh Nguyen expresses: “I was quite surprised when I received the scholarship. My efforts and perseverance helped me overcome all the difficulties since applying. I received this scholarship partly by chance. I hope to learn from experts, meet and exchange with international friends of different cultures.”

Thanh Nguyen says: The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) is a typical US government diplomacy program that provides skills training for young people in Southeast Asia. YSEALI enhances the leadership capacity of youth in the region, strengthens the relationship between the US and Southeast Asia, and nurtures a cross-border community of leaders working to address common issues.

This is an intensive short-term program for groups of young leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the US and a specific topic while enhancing leadership skills. The 5-week scholarship includes workshops, research, group discussions, and classroom lectures.

Afterward, young participants go on field trips, tours, leadership skill development exercises, and community activities, as well as extracurricular cultural and educational exchanges.

Experiencing US education, meeting with local organizations, governments, and private sectors related to the program’s topic.

It is known that Thanh Nguyen participated in the Creative Club’s Board, had outstanding achievements in 2023; and supported the school in activities welcoming the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Day (March 26), and Youth Union – Youth Association movements.

Won third prize for Creative National Technology Startup Ideas with S2M – Leather from Jackfruit; Outstanding Vietnamese students achieving high achievements at regional and provincial levels – beautiful stories.

Won third prize in INNOBE contest – Startup ideas for students in Mekong Delta; Encouragement prize in Nguyen Tat Thanh University’s “Students with Creative Startup Ideas” contest in 2023 with S2M – Leather from Jackfruit idea.

In addition, Thanh Nguyen actively participates in activities for community health, providing dental check-ups and care for elementary school students in Tra Vinh province; Enhancing Korean language and cultural knowledge and skills at the King Sejong Institute Tra Vinh.

The YSEALI scholarship program for young leaders is an intensive short-term program aimed at providing young leadership groups with deeper understanding of the US and a specific topic while enhancing leadership skills.

The scholarship includes online learning in the participants’ home countries and in-person experiences lasting two to three weeks at a host institution in the US. The online portion includes learning sessions, tours, leadership skill development exercises, and cultural activities.

Participants will come to the US in the spring of 2024 to engage in educational and cultural activities in and outside the classroom, lectures, and hands-on tours in the local community.