Online business training for small and medium enterprises owned by women in Tra Vinh province


TVU – Tra Vinh University organizes an online business training course for small and medium enterprises owned by women in the province. The training aims to support and enhance the business capacity of these enterprises and expand their online sales channels and e-commerce activities. It also provides guidance on practical design tools for promotional materials and building brand awareness for their products.


The training program lasts for 5 days and covers various topics such as building a personal brand on social media, content writing for beginners, a beginner’s guide to designing with Canva, developing an online business plan, selling on personal Facebook accounts, running effective Facebook Ads, effective selling on Zalo, and promotion techniques for increased sales. Participants also learn skills related to selling on e-commerce platforms, customer care, service, and handling sales rejections.

The training course has attracted the interest of 25 learners, including female business owners and female students with entrepreneurial project ideas. They actively engage in knowledge-sharing sessions with lecturers, specialized advisors, and the startup support team from Trà Vinh University.

After completing the course, Tạ Diễm Kiều, the leader of the “Bioplastic Production” project team, expresses, “The training course has equipped me with diverse knowledge and skills to enhance the effectiveness of my online business. Building a personal brand and running targeted Facebook Ads are crucial for reaching potential customers and gaining their trust. Moreover, designing compelling promotional materials and creating engaging content for social media channels is essential for reaching a larger customer base.”

By Nhat Hao