Opening of the training course: Entrepreneurship Academy


(TVU) – On July 23rd, the opening ceremony for the 3rd Entrepreneurship Academy with the theme “Connecting, Identifying Goals, Changing Mindsets, and Strong Bonding” takes place at the Tra Vinh Business Incubator.

Among the attendees are Mr. Lam Nhan Thien – Supervisor, Project Evaluator of SME Tra Vinh; Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An – Director of Tra Vinh Business Incubator, Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Ms. Thach Thi Chal Thi – Director of Trà Vinh Farm Co., Ltd (Sokfarm), and 20 trainees from small and medium-sized enterprises, individual business households, and students of Tra Vinh University.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An says, “This is a course that provides knowledge to help businesses master the basic steps of development. Through the program, trainees have access to skills such as customer research, negotiation skills, intellectual property ownership, digital transformation…and apply them to their businesses.”

Through interviews, the organizing committee selects the 20 most outstanding businesses out of a total of 43 registered to participate in the course, and these businesses will serve as advisors for future startup projects. The course is expected to be held in 17 sessions and will end in late October 2023.

During the program, Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An shares the topic of “Creative Thinking” for businesses. Trainees learn about the 7 necessary skills to become creative and the tools to develop creative thinking… Especially, he shares the secret to becoming a creative person, including exploring areas of interest, creating and testing many new ideas, continuous learning, and sharing knowledge and experience with the community.

On this occasion, Ms. Thach Thi Chal Thi, the Director of Trà Vinh Farm Co., Ltd (Sokfarm), shares the story of starting up and founding the Sokfarm coconut flowers honey brand. With the motto of building happiness in agriculture together, she desires not only to build a brand that connects businesses with customers but also to create happiness for those who accompany the company’s development. She emphasizes that before deciding to start a business, careful research of the domestic and international markets is needed, learning from experience, and applying all the knowledge learned to start up and bring the best products to consumers.

By Ngoc Tram