Party admission ceremony for 13 summer campaign volunteer students in 2011 in Tap Ngai commune.


In the afternoon of August 5, 2011, student party cell – belonging to the Party Committee of Tra Vinh University cooperated with the Party Committee and the campaign Command of Tap Ngai Commune, Tieu Can district to organize party admission ceremony for 13 Summer volunteers of Tra Vinh university. At the ceremony, there presented Mr. To Van Dang, Vice Party Secretary of Party Civil Affairs Committee, Tran Vien Phuong- member of Tra Vinh Provincial Youth Union, Comrade Le Van Don, Deputy Party Secretary, Vice Rector of Tra Vinh University, Comrade Nguyen Chinh, Deputy Party Secretary, head of Administration Office, campaign Committee of the commune, district along with the volunteer students in front Tap Ngai commune .

This is the striving effort of 13 students – in learning process,practicing and movement activities in the Youth Union-Association at TVU. This result also confirms the growth  of the Student Party Cell.

Attending and speaking at the ceremony, Mr. To Van Dang is honored 13 students becoming member of the Communist Party. He also confirmed that this is the good environment for the students continue to offer and promote the spirit of volunteering. He suggested student Cell giving all conditions to continue fostering the new party members to become the official party members.

The new party members guaranteed to Party Civil Affairs Committee, the Party Committee of Tra Vinh University and Student Cell to strive to learn, to practice better to deserve a Vietnam Communist Party member.

News: Thanh son, photo: Mai Xuan