Promote collaboration in crop cultivation and aquaculture in Cambodia


TVU – On June 26, Dr. Le Truc Linh, Head of the School of Agriculture and Aquaculture at TVU, leads a research delegation from TVU to conduct surveys and provide development consultation on agricultural and aquaculture models in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia.

During the exchange between Mr. Prak ChanThoeurn, the Deputy Minister of Labor and Vocational Training of Cambodia, and Tra Vinh University on May 15, Mr. ChanThoeurn invites the TVU research delegation to visit and conduct field surveys on family-owned lands. The delegation collects soil samples, analyzes water sources and climate factors, and provides consultation on the development of integrated farming and aquaculture models, including short-term training and technology transfer in the fields of biotechnology, crop cultivation, and aquaculture.

Mr. Prak ChanThoeurn states that with the coastal advantages and proximity to the center of Sihanouk Ville, he desires to transform vacant lands into a garden for the development of economically valuable crops such as wax coconut and ginseng, while also developing models for frog and eel farming.

In response to the survey results, Mr. ChanThoeurn expresses his joy and high approval of the proposals from the TVU delegation. In particular, he emphasizes the implementation of the proposed ideas and the exchange of technical personnel to TVU for short-term training programs in crop cultivation and aquaculture according to specific cooperative agreements. He expresses confidence that this initiative opens up new opportunities for the transformation of vacant lands into a new development area that brings economic benefits.

On this occasion, Mr. Prak ChanThoeurn also invites interested investors in agriculture and aquaculture to collaborate and exploit the opportunities for joint development.