Put into use the Makerspace


(TVU) – On September 9th, 2020, Tra Vinh University has just put into use the Makerspace for students to satisfy their passion for creation and research.

The opening ceremony has attracted a large number of scientists, lecturers, and students to come and visit the technology products researched and manufactured by students of the university.

A variety of products including model houses, electric cars, biological products, foods, utensils, etc. made by the students of Tra Vinh University are displayed to serve visitors.  A model of the building of Engineering and Technology Faculty designed by students and lecturers of Tra Vinh university creates a very beautiful picture of the building and an environmentally-friendly landscape.

The homemade electric motorcycle under the BMW model by engineer Pham Lam Vu, which has been famous on the social network recently, is also brought to display at the opening ceremony by the author.

Products and biological products of students of the Agriculture and Aquaculture Department and Applied Chemistry Department are also fully on display.

Inside, it is fully equipped with equipment and machinery for researching and creating activities of students. The Makerspace opens 24/24 to serve students in research, study, and project implementation as well as in subject and graduation project development, …

This space is also a place for students to have the opportunity to exchange and interact with international students through an online system.

The Makerspace is officially put into use to be a place for students and lecturers to research, create and develop ideas, helping lecturers and students participate in many activities including idea exchange and sharing, designing, building, and developing new products…

Here, students both participate in the process of practice, build and develop relationships; joining programs initiated by the businesses. This is also a place for the Startup Club of the university to operate and participate in developing startup ideas.

The Makerspace building is built near the university’s library, including 1 ground floor and 1 floor with a total area of ​​400m2. The ground floor is a common working space for students. The upper floor includes 5 rooms, which is a research space for the lecturers.

My Nhien