Representatives of Tra Vinh University (TVU) participated in the meeting for Sene Don ta festival in Can Tho


In the morning on October 10th, 2012, Southwestern Direction Board held the meeting for Sene Don ta festival for Khmer people in Can Tho. On behalf of TVU, Ms. Thach Thi Dan, Vice Rector of TVU, Khmer students and instructors participated in the meeting.

A dance performance at meeting for Sene Don ta festival

Sene Don ta is one of three big traditional festivals of Khmer people in the South of Vietnam. At the meeting, the participants expressed their pleasure for the government’s solutions for controlling agricultural prices for a better life of people. There are Khmer language training programs and enough instructors for all levels at places where Khmer people live. Besides, there will be many programs and solutions for poor Khmer people in the near future.

A commemorative photo of Ms. Thach Thi Dan and the students at the meeting

for Sene Don ta festival in Can Tho

Holding Sene Don ta festival represents higher authorities’ attention to ethnic minorities and manifests solidarity among Southwestern Khmer community. This occasion is for Khmer community to commemorate and express their gratitude to their ancestors and contributors to the country. This is the time for Khmer community to gather at pagodas to do good things and share their difficulties in dealing with farming in the year.

Translated by Diem Thuy

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