Should graduates get a job or start their own business?


(TVU) – On December 17, 2021, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship successfully organized the Workshop “Students Should Graduate Should Working or Starting a Business?” online via Microsoft Teams, with 250 students participating, based on the perceptions of the Steering Committee of the Tra Vinh Province Start-up Project.

The workshop assisted students in answering for themselves whether they should go to work or start a business after graduation; sharing practical experiences from guests who are successful alumni who have worked as hired laborers and are also self-employed; being provided with useful information about the University’s startup support mechanisms and policies, and solving problems in the process of starting a business.

A look at hosting a webinar using Microsoft Teams

As a result, the seminar helped to spread and disseminate information and knowledge about the startup ecosystem and innovative start-ups to 250 people in Tra Vinh province’s startup ecosystem.

Tin Di