Special Workshop on EQ for TVU staff on its 13th birthday


To celebrate the 13th birthday of Tra Vinh University, the Institute for Resource Development (RDI), with the support from the Rector, working closely with Language Institute – International Studies ILACS, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh organized a special workshop titled “Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – True Success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” for its management staff. The workshop was delivered by two globally well-known speakers who are Professor Francis Kaya and Professor Christiane Muller.

The workshop attracted over one hundred and twenty-five people including managers and lecturers from different departments, schools and centers of TVU. All participants have been very excited about not only the coverage of the workshop but also the talent of the presenters.

During the event, the audience had opportunities to learn about different dimensions of emotional intelligence and strategies, as a leader, to deal with people with different levels of EQ. After closing, both the speakers and participants believed that the workshop would be very practical and useful for staff and students to fulfil their learning and job duties, and to manage their emotion effectively.

Van Đe