Specialists’ talk on stock market to Tra Vinh University students


(TVU) – On January 25, specialists from the State Securities Commission in Ho Chi Minh City had a talk on securities with students of School of Economics – Law, Tra Vinh University.

“Through this session, it helps us have deeper understanding about stock market thereby reinforcing and updating our knowledge to our subject”, said Le Tran Huyen Tran, course-2015 TVU student in Business Administration.

Mr. Tran Quang Vu, specialist in securities said: “When you have a good understanding of the securities as well as the stock market, it will increase your opportunities to get a job at governmental and private securities agencies or become potentially successful investors and traders in the future.”

Dr. Le Thi Thu Diem, the School Deputy Dean said that it was a great opportunity for the students to update their knowledge from the specialists, which facilitates their participation in the stock market and application to practice in their later work.

By Minh Nhut