Start up the robocon contest for green environment


The qualifying round of 2019 robocon contest took place on September 14, 2019, at the lake of Engineering and Technology Faculty of Tra Vinh University, with the its topic on “Green Environment”. The contest attracted 72 participants from 17 teams who are students of the university and of high schools in Tra Vinh City.

At the opening remarks, Dr. Pham Quoc Phong, Deputy Director of the School of Engineering and Technology, Head of the organization board, said: “The robocon contest is a useful playground for those who are keen on engineering and technology. It can not only help students to practice to improve their skills and apply what they have learned to practice, but also help them to learn teamwork skills, to know how to assign jobs and to collaborate to create best products. This year’s topic of “Green Environment” aims to convey the message of protecting the environment which we are living in.

As the rule, each team will design their own controlling boat which is capable of sorting waste. After the referee’s signal, the boat which starts at the pier location will move into the check-in area and drop a ball into the basket.

Next, the boat must pass through the tunnel area to reach the position of getting ball which symbolized for waste. The boat is then driven to drop the ball coinciding in color with each basket – this corresponds to sorting waste into the bin. Finally, move quickly to the destination (pier). The time for each match is 5 minutes and the score will be calculated by overcoming obstacles and dropping the ball into the basket.

Nguyen Hai Dang, a member of Piggy team, a student from Pedagogical Practice School, said: “I found that the contest is new, interesting and very useful, especially for those who are from high schools like me.”.

Le Tan Duong, a member of STORM team, a student from Control and Automation Technology class in 2017, said: “This contest helps all to practice techniques and to draw experience not only in learning and researching but also in applying in future.”

The results of qualifying round is posted on September 21, 2019 on the website Engineering and Technology School. The semifinal and final rounds are expected to take place on September 28, 2019 at the Campus of the Engineering and Technology School.