Students majoring in Logistics will practice on the simulation software – Smartlog


TVU – According to the Faculty of Economics and Law leaders, at the end of August, Tra Vinh University and Smartlog supply chain solutions joint-stock company signed a memorandum of understanding to deploy real-world simulation software for students majoring in Logistics Service Management.

Accordingly, students majoring in Logistics Service Management of Tra Vinh University have full access and practice with Smartlog Transport Management (SMT) and Smartlog Warehouse Management (SWM).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diep Thanh Tung, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law, said that the simulation software application focused on the practical ability of students majoring in Economics and Logistics Service Management. In addition, Tra Vinh University has implemented many cooperating activities with organizations and enterprises participating in the training process. TVU has sent representatives to participate as members of the Inspection Committee of the Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development and has signed many training agreements in the form of Co-op to bring students a chance to work at enterprises during the training process.

It is known that Smartlog Academy is a pioneer in training and developing knowledge on Logistics and Supply chain, deploying Logistics software provided by Smartlog Company in order to equip learners with foundation knowledge and real-life simulation activities, thereby helping the training process become standardized, professional, and applicable.

The Transport Management Solution (STM) is a product developed by Smartlog to monitor and manage transportation activities, support the operators more efficiently and minimize errors. Warehouse Management Solution (SWM) is a smart algorithm application to optimize the operation process of warehouses & distribution centers to help monitor and operate easier and reduce errors.

During the past time, Tra Vinh University has implemented many training programs under the Co-op model, of which Logistics Service Management is one of the new majors being implemented under this model. The training program links with large enterprises in the industry. With one-third of the training time allowing students to work at the companies as trainees, it will help students achieve good practical professional skills in different job positions and improve job opportunities after graduation.

Logistics Service Management (under the Co-op model) along with the major of International Trade and Economic Management under the Economics’ major code of 7310101 are enrolled nationwide with school code of DVT through high school results (records), high school exam results, the results of the competency assessment exam of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City and direct admission. The combination of exam subjects includes A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry), A01 (Maths, Physics, English), C01 (Literature, Maths, Physics), and D01 (Literature, Maths, English).

My Nhien