Students of Tra Vinh University sell mooncakes to raise funds for poor children


“The mooncake stall to raise funds supporting poor children” – is a slogan that people easily catch when entering the campus of Tra Vinh University. That is not simply the slogan but also the purpose that the Students’ Association of Cau Ke district in Tra Vinh university set out in the mid-autumn season this year.

Small work, big meaning

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, children in cities often attend many exciting activities with a full Mid-autumn festival. However, not all children are luckily able to enjoy such seemingly normal things. Those are even “strange” to the poor children in the difficult condition in remote areas.

The mooncake stall fundraising for poor children of TVU attracts many teachers and students of the university and the people in Tra Vinh city.

Ta Thiet Tuong, the chairman of the Students’ Association of Cau Ke district, said: “We sell mooncakes at market prices. The mooncakes’ prices this year fluctuate insignificantly compared to the last year. To maintain the operation of the stall, the students take turns selling. Those who study in the morning sell in the afternoon and those who study in the afternoon sell in the morning. The mooncake stall is open from 7 am to 5 pm from September 9 to October 2nd. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, we will sell until 8:00 pm to serve the buyers’ needs.”.

Being quite busy for the new school year, Huynh The Khoa, a student of Public Health in 2017, still takes advantage of his free time to run to the stall to help to sell mooncakes with everyone. This is both joy and responsibility for future preschools.

The Khoa confided: “I was born in a poor countryside, so I can understand the difficulties of the children who always wish for a lantern, a bag of candy or just a small cake on every Mid-Autumn Festival. As long as everyone’s support, it will contribute a small part to bring poor children a full Mid-Autumn Festival. ”

He added: “This is the fourth year I have participated in the fundraising program of the Mid-Autumn Festival for poor children so that they can have a warm Mid-Autumn season.”

Not only selling cakes at the stall, but the students also sell cakes online on social networking sites and deliver to the buyer’s house. Also, through social networks, the program is supported by many people.

A meaningful activity in the new school year

Taking her child to apply for admission at Tra Vinh University, Ms. Le Thi Diem who is living in Cau Ngang district, said that she was quite surprised with the mooncake stall at the university. Doing such meaningful work for children as they are still at the school time is worth cherishing and replicating.

With the same thought, Bui Vo Nhat Bang, a new student of Information Technology, in course of 2020, expressed: “I think fundraising by selling mooncakes of the older students in Tra Vinh university is a very meaningful activity. I hope that studying at the university will give me a chance to attend such volunteer activities.”

The story of the mooncake selling stall of TVU students for many years has been highly evaluated by many people. Many people who are not able to come to the stall also order mooncakes through social networks for donations.

This is a humanitarian activity expressing the spirit of “The leaves protect tattered ones”. Funding from the selling of mooncakes will be used to buy gifts for poor students giving them more conditions for Mid-Autumn Festival.

The mooncake stall of the Students’ Association of Cau Ke district is located in front of B1 building, Campus 1, Tra Vinh University. 

My Nhien