Students receive legal education regarding traffic law and safety


TVU – On November 19, 2022, Student Affairs Department cooperates with Tra Vinh City Traffic Police and Enterprises – Bay Chi Head Store to hold a propaganda and education session on the law on traffic order and safety. Road traffic and safe driving training for students at Tra Vinh University.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyễn Tấn Thảo, Vice Captain of the Traffic Police. Tra Vinh City presents a statistical report on traffic accidents in 2022. He said that although the number of traffic accidents in the province has been controlled, the number of light traffic accidents is still rather high.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyễn Tấn Thảo pointed out situations of traffic violations in reality and the laws to participate in traffic safely. Thereby, he wants the students to become the extension arm of the traffic police by spreading propaganda to family, friends, and everyone.

Mr. Nguyễn Văn Á, Head Bay Chi’s safe driving instructor, instructs the students who attended the propaganda session on the knowledge and abilities of safe driving. He also gives the students practical visual aids and handbooks. A big number of students take part in the actual management of traffic-related circumstances and contribute to increased abilities.

Mr. Phạm Quốc Khánh, Deputy Head of the Department of Student Affairs Department, said that Tra Vinh University’s Traffic Safety Steering Committee has been consolidated in 2022, continuing to seriously and synchronously implement solutions to ensure order and safety of all traffic. Through propaganda and training classes, strengthen legal education on road traffic order and safety among students.