Support students to expand job opportunities in large and international enterprises


(TVU) – On the morning of November 20, Tra Vinh University held the opening ceremony of the 2022-2023 school year, associated with the 40th anniversary of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day (November 20, 1982 – November 20, 2022).

In the year 2022 – 2023, Tra Vinh University has nearly 3,000 new students. This public university spearheads the development of Coop training programs (Co-operative Education Programs) in the Mekong Delta. The program has a training program linked with businesses, with 1/3 of the training time allowing students to work at enterprises as a trainee to gain professional skills and enhance job opportunities after graduation.

To increase the applicability and create a source of Coop internships and job opportunities, Tra Vinh University has promoted the signing of cooperation agreements with many large enterprises operating in the field of logistics.

The program is also integrated with the international certificate Fiata Diploma In International Freight Management issued by the FIATA association to help students expand their employment rates in large and international businesses. Accordingly, graduates have 1 year of internship experience at enterprises in the field of logistics (from manufacturing, trading, and service enterprises to seaports) and receive international career certificates. 

Tra Vinh University attaches importance to planning, training, fostering, and developing a contingent of managers and teachers to meet the requirements of training, scientific research, and international cooperation; pay attention to well implement policies towards lecturers, administrators, and students; create all conditions for lecturers and students to promote their capacity, contributing to improving the training quality.

By Thy Truong