The Board of Science, Technology, and Training – Ministry of Health works at Tra Vinh University


On April 27, the delegation led by Dr. Pham Van Tac – Vice Chairman of National Medical Council, Director General of the Board of Science, Technology, and Training – Ministry of Health and members visit and work in training human resources for health at Tra Vinh University.

The purpose of this working trip is to see and inspect the facilities, equipment, contingent of lecturers to serve for training health science to evaluate the process of training human resources for the health sector in recent years, to consider the TVU’s recommendation to open the code of Specialization I in the health field in the coming time.

At the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh – TVU Rector, reports an overview of the TVU’s training process, especially the health sciences, and proposes some recommendations on enrollment and training, personnel organization, and development orientation to expand the code of the industry, diversify training systems in the coming time.

Specifically, TVU proposes the Board of Science, Technology, and Training – Ministry of Health to consider and approve some training programs on Specialization 1: Internal Medicine and Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics Faculty, Nursing, Laboratory, Dentistry. TVU requests the Board’s leader to create favorable conditions for Tra Vinh University to participate in scientific research projects and topics in the field of biomedical medicine – molecular biology strengthen.

The delegation studies the file and considers the conditions to open the code of the Specialized 1 as proposed by TVU, basically agrees on the general policy, and considers factors related to the process and regulations for specific branches of health science.

Dr. Nguyen The Hien, the chief of the Board of Science, Technology, and Training – Ministry of Health, highly appreciates the process of training and providing health’s human resources in the locality and the region over the past time. In considering the proposal to open the code of the Specialization I, TVU needs to prepare a contingent of lecturers, facilities, and equipment at TVU, Dr. Pham The Hien responds to the opening of the code of the Specialization I.

However, TVU needs to consider the need for human resources in this field in the future, the connection of hospitals to practice, clinical practice, the team of doctors and doctors participating in teaching, and note some specific regulations for professions with practice certificates as prescribed.

Dr. Pham Van Tac highly appreciates the TVU’s preparation and investment in facilities and equipment for research and training in general and in particular health science fields. The Director-General supports Tra Vinh University to open the industry code according to the proposal of the delegation’s members and requests TVU to complete the contents to serve the upcoming appraisal.

He also introduces some successful school – hospital model, domestic and international ones, and hopes that Tra Vinh University would study and create products that serve medical research and high-quality health care for the community.

Ngoc Thu