The contest in understanding Vietnamese Law 2020


On November 5, 2020, the 7th contest “The youth of Tra Vinh University and law” took place in Campus I attracting 11 teams, who are students from classes in the Faculty of Economics and Law of the university.

The contest is one of the activities to celebrate Vietnam Law Day on November 9, organized by the Faculty of Economics and Law and the Office of Supervision and Legislation. 

The teams, in turn, go through many tests including multiple-choice, situation, and problem solving with an aptitude test through the skits in the legal field. The skit is produced and performed by the teams. It must not exceed 10 minutes in length and is evaluated based on the criteria of content, form, acting, and time.

Vice-Rector Thach Thi Dan said that “The contest is a useful and meaningful playground. It helps students access professional skills in Law major, familiarize themselves with specialized knowledge associated with their work in the future. At the same time, this is also an environment and an opportunity for students to express their abilities.”

Vice-Rector Thach Thi Dan

The contest is an opportunity for students in different faculties and majors to exchange and share their legal knowledge with each other. From there, each of us can propagandize to help people improve their understanding of the law.

At the end of the contest, the Organizing Committee awarded the first prize to the team of Law 2017, two second prizes to the teams of Law 2019 and Commercial Law in course of 2017, the third prizes for the three teams of Civil Law 2018, Law 2018, Civil Law 2017, and impressive prizes for four teams with outstanding achievements.