The “double valedictorian” chemistry student receives a scholarship from the Canadian government


(TVU) – To Hoang Minh, the top valedictorian of Applied Chemistry 2015, has just completed an excellent final thesis by the council, became a dual valedictorian of this field, and received a full scholarship of 8 months studying at Laval University – Canada. This is a scholarship from the Cannada Government for ASEAN students.

Coming from Vung Tau city, Hoang Minh chose to study Chemical Engineering at Tra Vinh University because of his passion for research and his strength in natural sciences. When oriented towards a major, Hoang Minh chose to major in nanomaterials science, which is the field to access and focus on research for his graduation thesis, which is graded by the teachers in the graduation thesis. highly appreciated and scored 9.3 for the graduation thesis.

Studying at the university, she is always passionate about learning and researching new things that can be applied in practice. I am cherishing my research dream in Laval’s modern laboratory system.

Hoang Minh is one of the students who won a Canadian Government scholarship for ASEAN students, this is an opportunity for Hoang Minh to experience and study more in an advanced educational environment to develop her job.