The experience of Cambodian students studying at Tra Vinh University


TVU – Currently, Tra Vinh University has 39 Cambodian students majoring in health sciences: 30 students in General Medicine, 2 students in Odonto – Stomatology, 04 students in Pharmacy, and 03 students in Medical Laboratory.

Cambodian students were often worried about living away from home, approaching a new environment, and learning Vietnamese – a new language. But those worries were dispelled on the first day at Tra Vinh University. Coming to the university, Cambodian students receive attention and motivation from the provincial leaders, teachers, and students in Tra Vinh to overcome all difficulties in learning and training.

Student Yaung Sivyeng interacts with students at TVU

Yaung Sivyeng, a 3rd-year student, majoring in General Medicine shared: Before coming to TVU, I searched many university sites in Vietnam on the internet and finally decided to choose TV University. The university has many characteristics and advantages for us Cambodian international students. TVU has cooperated in the field of education with the Cambodia Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Tra Vinh is also one of the provinces with a large number of Khmer people. This is a favorable condition for me to learn the local culture and language, approach Khmer students, and learn Vietnamese.

Seng Boramey interacts with students at the University of Television

Seng Boramey, Head of the Cambodian Student Group at TVU said: Before coming to Vietnam, I was introduced to TVU and its General Medicine training program by a teacher of TVU studying in Cambodia. After I decided to study at TVU, the teacher helped me carry out the procedures to complete the application file. At first, I was impressed by the dedicated help of the staff, teachers, and students here. They gave me the warmth and confidence to adapt to the new environment, especially in learning Vietnamese, making it easier for me to start my learning journey. I also had the chance to visit Khmer pagodas, cultural and tourist areas, and Ba Om pond,… Tra Vinh people are friendly and enthusiastic. I hope that after graduating, I will get a job at a hospital in Vietnam.

As one of the Khmer students in Tra Vinh who always accompanies Cambodian students, Thạch Thị Đô Ni, a 3rd-year student in the School of Medicine and Pharmacy confided: I was in the same class with 2 Cambodian students. I often help them translate from Vietnamese to Khmer during their studies, school exchanges as well as visits to tourist attractions in Tra Vinh. I used to study at Tieu Can Junior High School, majoring in Ethnic Minorities, so I can read and write the Khmer language. As a result, I have the opportunity to assist them. I am happy to help Cambodian students in studying and living in Tra Vinh.

In addition to improving the quality of training, the Board of Directors of Tra Vinh University also cares for and creates conditions for students in general and Cambodian students in particular, to study in a friendly environment.

Ms. Thach Thi Dan, Vice Rector of TVU expressed: To make Cambodian students consider the university as their second home, the Board of Directors always attaches importance to helping them overcome their difficulties in learning and daily activities. The University has created conditions for Cambodian students to study Vietnamese for free for one year; creates conditions for them to visit tourist attractions in the province to help them exchange knowledge, and culture and communicate in Vietnamese. Thereby, helping them absorb the content of the lectures.

The provincial leaders and the Vietnam – Cambodia Friendship Association in Tra Vinh province also coordinate with the Board of Directors to visit and give gifts to Cambodian students at Tra Vinh University on the occasion of the Khmer’s Lunar New Year and Chol Chnam Thmay, Sene Dolta… so that they can gain more motivation to complete their studies.

By Thy Truong